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Candlewood Gear is a small, locally-owned apparel company based in Brookfield, CT, centered around promoting Candlewood Lake for residents and visitors, offering a wide variety of Logo’d clothing and gear themed around the Lake and surrounding towns.


Candlewood Gear was started in 2021 by our owners who have been enjoying Candlewood Lake for decades. For the past several years we had been renting on the Lake and decided to make it permanent about a year ago. Throughout our time on the Lake, we couldn’t find any “destination” type shirts or clothing that represented Candlewood Lake so we decided to start our own company and here we are!

We have T-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, sweatpants, beach towels, beach bags, sports bottles, masks and so much more…

Looking for a specific design on an item that isn't shown, send us a email.

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